A great little polarizing microscope in near-factory condition for students, hobbyists, or as a second scope in your lab. This demo piece has never been owned and has seen very minimal use.

    Features include wide-field 10x/18mm eyepiece with built in cross line reticle,  DIN standard 10x (0.25 N.A.), 40xR (0.65 N.A.) and Motic 4x
    (0.1 N.A.) objectives, built-in Bertrand lens mounted in slide in/out mount, built-in Analyzer (polarizer lens) rotating 0 to 90 degrees with 1 degree graduations, built-in 3-position slider bar with ¼ wave and full wave plates and one open aperture, built-in swing-out Polarizer lens, 12-volt 20-watt variable halogen illumination, rotating stage, 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with spiral focusing mount.

    All pre-owned microscopes are serviced by our professional
    technicians and are in excellent condition. 6-month limited warranty on

    parts and labor included.