Motic SMZ-171 BLED (Pole Type) Zoom Stereo Microscope

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    • ESD and non ESD version
    • New lead free optical design
    • Greenough optic system
    • Compact and rugged
    • Light weight
    • Anti fungus
    • Interlock eyepieces tube
    • LED stand
    • 3W LED Transmitted Illumination
    • 3W LED Incident Illumination
    • Mirror base
    • Switching power supply for use worldwide (100-240V)
    • Long lasting bulb, lamp life up to 25,000 hrs.
    • Outstanding price-performance ratio
    • Magnification Range (0.75X–5X)
    • Auxiliary Objectives: 0.3X [WD = 301mm], 0.5X [WD = 191.8mm], 0.63X [WD = 142.7mm], 0.75X [WD = 128.6mm], 1.5X [WD = 56.3mm ], 2.0X [WD = 38.6mm]

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