AxioCam 503 Color Microscope Camera

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    • USB 3.0 interface technology with fast 5-gigabit/s data transfer rate
    • High-end quad-port CCD sensor technology for optimum performance
    • Fast searching, fast focusing, and ergonomic handling at your digital microscope workplace, thanks to a live image with 38 images per second at 2.8-megapixel pixel count
    • 14-bit digitization and a dynamic range of 1:2,500 for precise reproduction of the finest color nuances
    • 4.54 µm pixel size for the highest resolution of fine structures

    Ships only to NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, RI, TN, and FL. Mass purchasing of this item may be available at an additional discount. Please contact our sales office for a quote (800) 776-1771.

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